Marrying Mr Darcy the Card Game

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that lovers of Pride and Prejudice want to marry Mr. Darcy”

– Marrying Mr Darcy

If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice and would very much like to get your hands on your own Mr Darcy, well now you finally can!… well… sort of…

The Marrying Mr Darcy card game, inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, started up as a Kickstarter project and was released into a physical card game as well as a print at home set.

The brain child of Erika Svanoe, the game is suited for 2 to 6 players, each of whom play as a lady from Pride and Prejudice (all five of the Bennett sisters are included as is Charlotte Lucas, Georgiana Darcy and Miss Bingley), who play their way to making a perfect match. The game box includes cards, a dice and instruction with artwork by Erik Evensen.

What happens?

You begin by playing through the courtship stage where you earn paints in beauty, wit, friendliness and dowry to impress your suitors. In addition you can also earn points in cunning as well as try and sabotage your opponents chances of a happy match. Also in try Pride and Prejudice form, you also have event cards which may or may not cause something to happen that is in your best interest.

There a six suitors available for you to choose from: Mr Darcy, Mr Bingley, Mr Wickham, Mr Denny, Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr Collins. 8ec77528-f452-4079-a634-b2f757b16fc3

Each suitor is looking for different qualities in a wife, which is were the points system comes in (if you’ve played a RPG before, think of it as acquiring points in toughness or stealth etc.). Your lady needs to acquire enough points in the different categories in the courtship stage for the suitor to be able make a proposal in the proposal round (for example, Mr Darcy requires his lady to have +5 wit).

Any lady can marry any suitor (with the exception of Caroline and Georgiana not being able to marry their brothers), however snatching up your preferred suitor will gain you more points, helping you to win the game. But be careful! You may very well end up as a lonely, miserable old maid!

The verdict?

This is an awesome game and a tremendous amount of fun! It doesn’t matter if you have two people or 6 playing, it’s one of those games that you will enjoy no matter what time and time again. It was also fun to try out all the different ladies, especially as they all give you special bonuses or abilities. I could literally play this game over and over again!

16722807-743e-44c8-aaf1-d3ff14d3a6c9What I like most about this game (apart from having the potential to marry Mr Darcy) is that the game really reflects and stays true to the novel. It also has a lot of interesting quirks to it to keep you excited (or worried if you know what’s coming!). You might be attending a party one round, stealing your sisters bonnet the next or even find yourself wound up in a scandal!

I guess my only real issue with this game (and it’s not really an issue) is that although its called Marrying Mr Darcy, only those playing as Lizzy Bennett will have Mr Darcy as their top/preferred suitor. It is good to spread it out, but even so a couple of the other suitors have multiple ladies who have them as first preferred choice. I think at least Caroline Bingley would have been better suited to having Mr Darcy as her top choice after how much she seemed to want him in the book. Of course, in the instruction booklet, there are some alternative rules you might like to play by which include everyone playing for Mr Darcy’s hand – or you can always make up your own ruling!

Overall it really is a great blend of fun, excitement, challenges, scheming and lady like behavior as you try and find the balance between improving yourself and bringing down your opponents.  Even the guys will enjoy this one!

Oh, and, if after all this you still haven’t had enough Jane Austen is also a zombie expansion pack as well as an Emma expansion pack on the way!


You can find out more about the game including where to buy it from (mine came from Amazon) on the Marrying Mr Darcy website

Rating: five stars


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