Harry Potter Book Night!

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Yep, that’s right, there’s a night especially devoted to the wonderful world of our favorite wizards!

The Harry Potter Book Night is an evening of magic, books and fun. Occurring yearly on the 4th February, this years theme is ‘A Night of Spells’. With invitation print outs, event ideas and activities at you can hold your own event or find one near you to go.

If you need even more inspiration, try checking out these party ideas as well (both for big and small kids):


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images from Buzzfeed

My local bookstore, Dymocks is hosting an event that includes dress up, magic and prizes. Unfortunately it is only for those 15 years and under (they’ve been posting photos on Instagram all night and I’m so jealous!). Ahh how I miss being young! There’s other bookstores around Australia that are holding Harry Potter evenings too.

So if you’re not attending a Harry Potter night, its never too late to start planning for next year. If you are, I hope you have a blast!


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