Valentine’s Book Character Dates

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(image from Pixibay)

(image from Pixibay)

With Valentines Day (February 14th) soon approaching I was wondering who everyone’s perfect book character date is? In other words, if you could choose one character from any book you’ve read to go an a date with, who would you choose?

(image from Pixibay)

(image from Pixibay)

My first rule is that it can’t be Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Not because there’s anything from with the literary heartthrob, but I feel it’s an easy, go-to choice (after all, who WOULDN’T choose Mr Darcy?). So, if not Mr Darcy, then who? Well there’s Captain Wentworth and all of Jane Austen’s other swoon worthy bachelors…. so in an effort to think outside the Austen box, I’m putting a ban on Jane Austen characters. Please, don’t hate me, I just thought it would be good to come up with someone a bit different. For myself, I’m also not going to choose the amazing, incredible, dreamy Captain America because although technically he is eligible, I haven’t actually read any of his comics…

(Pride & Prejudice 2005)

(Pride & Prejudice 2005)

So who then? Honestly, I’ve struggled in vain (ok I’ll stop..) to think of anyone else. Maybe there’s just something about those two hundred something year old gentlemen no one else can compete with? Or perhaps I can’t imagine going on a date with anyone other than my current boyfriend, even if they are fictional?

I do however have a non-romantic perfect date: Tonks from the Harry Potter series. I think she’d made a great friend; she’s caring, likable and loyal. I think she’d also be great fun to have around.

But that’s not really why we’re here… After much thought my perfect fictional date would be Ryan Hutchinson (aka Harvard Hottie) from The Nannie Diaries. He’s cute, smart, devoted, caring, works for the UN and is an all round great guy (and ok, yes, technically I’m still kinda choosing Captain America.. don’t hate me).

The Nannie Diaries/Tumblr

(The Nannie Diaries 2007)

And what would we do? Well because I’m a traditional gal, my prefect date would include, dinner, flowers, chocolates and perhaps a walk in a nice park or hot chocolate under the stars.

Well that’s my perfect fictional date, now I’d love to hear who yours would be!

(image from Pixibay)

(image from Pixibay)


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