Book Box review!

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Firstly, I am REALLY late in posting this as I had some computer troubles, but thankfully …fingers crossed… everything is all good now.

‘Mini Pack’ Review

The Mini Pack is a little gift pack that contains a Penguin Little Black Classic and a few other cool items. They’re only $10 (+$2 shipping) from The Story Pack. Then come in variety of packs which includes different stories, jewellery, key rings, etc. and teabags.

Mini Pack

What’s in it?

  1. A Simple Heart (a Penguin Little Black Classic Book – they’re a series of short stories only about 60 pages long. many of the PLBC’s contain a couple short stories)
  2. Bracelet
  3. Tea Bag
  4. Bookmark
  5. Pen




These are soooo cute! They come in an adorable little cardboard envelope (inside of a bigger envelope for postage. Also, they now have a different logo from that shown in the picture). The little stories are great and entertaining if you just want a short read. Sometimes you just don’t want to sit and spend a couple days reading a long 600 page story. Plus at only $10 they’re great value and make a great, yet affordable present for someone else (or yourself!). I like how they also include a few little ‘gift’ type items, it makes it seem really well rounded, another plus for why I like it as a gift idea. The pen’s really nice to write with, not to mention pretty, and who doesn’t need more pens? The bracelet is really nice and cute too, it’s definitely the kind of thing that I would wear. Then you have a mini bookmark and a teabag which you can use whilst you’re reading. I also like the variety in which these come in, with items both tailed to a male and female audience (so they don’t all include ladies bracelets). I actually gave one to my grandma which had a necklace in it and another to my grandad which had a key ring that also doubled as a bottle opener, which they both loved!

Overall, I love them!

You can check out The Story Pack’s site and purchase from them here:


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