Subscription boxes: a new Aussie book box & how they work

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Firstly, has anyone else herd of The Story Pack? 

If you haven’t they’re a relatively new Australian business selling book related gift packs. Plus they’ve also recently added a subscription box to their repertoire which I am really excited about!

If you don’t know what a subscription box is, it’s a box that your purchase on a monthly basis (or some businesses might have a three, six or twelve month plan as well). It usually has some kind of theme to it, but you don’t know what your getting. It sounds odd, but it’s actually a lot of fun.

How The Story Pack and other book subscription boxes work is that you know you’re going to receive a book in your box (they should specify whether it’s adult or YA fiction and whether its a new release or not), plus a few other items. The monthly theme is released (such as romance, once upon a time, mystery, etc.) so you can decide whether you think that box is worth getting, then the book and usually the other items in the box are related to that theme. Most boxes include items such as jewellery, candles, sticker, bookmarks, tea etc. There’s usually a cut off date to when boxes need to be bought, and then they all ship around the same time for that particular month.

The Story Pack are beginning with their July box which is currently on sale. Their’s is set up so its easy to keep track of what box your buying for what month, and when you have until to buy it. For example, for The Story Packs July Box, you need to purchase by the end of June (that’s less than two weeks to get one!). Boxes will then be shipped out sometime between the 1st and 14th July, so (if you’re in Australia at least) you’re receive your box in July to enjoy.

Hopefully I’ve explained that clearly.

The Story Packs July box is themed Music and it’s guaranteed to come with 2 – 5 other items in it as well. It contains a newly released adult novel (not in the sense of 18+, but in the sense of its a general fiction novel, not specific to YA or kids). It’s $40  (+$10.55 shipping) which might seem like a bit, but when you consider that most new adult novels are valued at $32.99, it’s actually pretty good value considering you get the novel plus some extra goodies.

At the moment The Story Pack is just doing a trial run to see well the new box goes, so they’re released the next two boxes as well for early ordering as they’ve said they only have a limited number of boxes. They’re August box (to be bought in July) contains a new YA book and is a bit cheaper at only $30 + shipping.

What’s different about The Story Pack is that their subscription boxes contain new adult books as well as YA. There’s already so many (awesome) YA subscription boxes out there, that it’s great to finally show some love to a genre that’s suited to those that are looking to read something a bit more mature (I’m not really sure that’s the right word for it, but I’m sure you know what I mean).  PLUS their Australian!! Most of the subscription boxes that are already available are from overseas (which for us poor Aussies usually means extremely high shipping costs) so it’s great to have another option close to home.

You can check out The Story Packs site and order their new subscripton box from them here:

Alternatively, they’re also on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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