Dinner With Edward by Isabel Vincent Review

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Title: Dinner With Edward
Author: Isabel Vincent
Published: 2016
Pages: 229
Genre: fiction

Disclosure: I got this book free from Dymocks in order to provide a review on their website, which I have done. The following review is done completely of my own accord and the views and opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Dinner with Edward is a lovely story about an unexpected friendship. It follows Isabel as she eats her way through Edwards scrumptious dinners, saving herself and Edward in the process.

Edward, is the father of one of Isabel’s friend Valarie. Recently widowed and struggling to find the will to go on with out his wife, Valarie suggests that Isabel, who is also struggling with some personal issues have dinner.

These dinner’s then become a regular event in with Edward shows off his culinary skills and gives Isabel life advice though his own stories and observations. Together they form a lasting friendship that helps to bring them both out of their depression and give them the excitement for life again, thus saving each other in the process.

What I liked about it is the transformation you see in Isabel. It’s exciting to see her blossom into being her own, unique, confident, life-loving person again with solid friendships. What I also liked is that the main characters were able to have a meaningful male/female friendship with the romantic side. I found it refreshing to read a modern day story that didn’t revolve around the main protagonist chasing after a romantic partner.

Although he means well, some people might find some of Edwards opinions outdated and old fashioned (he is in his 90’s) and possibly sexist (such as when he keeps telling Isabel to wear more lipstick). I’m not saying I completely agree with everything Edward says, but I can forgive some of these faults because of how he helps to bring Isabel out of her shell. After all, don’t we all want to leave a happy, fulfilling life? An example, is when he takes her dress shopping as he thinks a new dress that shows off her figure will help boost her self-esteem. It might be a bit vain and ‘unfeministic’, to say so, but yes, getting dressed up and looking good on the outside does make me feel better about myself and more confident on the inside, so is there really much harm in that? Edward was on to something there…

Overall this was a nice, uplifting, short read, at under 250 pages, which is sometimes just all you need.


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